From the pictures taken during the workshop "Naturfotografie im Frühling" I have compiled a small gallery.
In addition, there are also some impressions that give an insight into the workshop activities.



We hoped it and now it becomes true! The first workshop can take place. it will take plade at Wildalpen. Since we will be primarily outdoors, adherence to the corona rules is no problem and the accommodations are "corona-fit" too.

There are still some places left. Please book directly with the Prager Fotoschule

Riesenmammut klein

I am currently dismantling the exhibition "Ein Blick in die Natur", an exhibition that featured 70 images. Of these, 49 large format prints presented on the wall, the remaining pictures in three presentation boxes.

The Galerie Schloss Weinberg is a wonderful place to present these pictures. I have known and appreciated the location for many years. First as a student of the Prager Fotoschule and then as a presenter of many different workshops around topics of photography.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, the exhibition could not be visited as planned, the castle is closed and also our hope for the opening at Easter was disappointed. Only a handful of people were able to visit the exhibition on site. That this situation is unsatisfactory for the artist/photographer and also for the host gallery can surely be understood by everyone and inspired me to offer virtual tours directly from the gallery. So about 100 people from Austria and abroad could see the pictures. For me and probably for most of the visitors this was a premiere and I will offer such virtual tours also at future exhibitions. The big advantage is the direct contact with the visitors and the possibility to answer questions about the pictures directly.

Despite all the limitations, I am very glad that the exhibition was not canceled and my special thanks go to Sepp for printing and mounting the pictures, competent assistance in selecting and hanging the pictures and who is - last but not least - a good friend to me.

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What do you do when you have set up an exhibition and no visitors can come? Exactly, you use digital technology and organize virtual tours of the exhibition. The tours come directly from the exhibition rooms in the Galerie Schloss Weinberg. During the tours I am not only presenting the pictures but I am also telling about used techniques. More information on how to participate in the tours can be found here. The tours will not be recorded.


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In the current magazine of the Verein fuer Tier- und Naturfotografie (VTNOE) I describe in an article the most important steps for the preparation of conifer needles and how I photograph them afterwards under the microscope. Currently I process the needles either "fresh" or fixed and stained. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are briefly described. If you want more information or want to try photographing with the microscope yourself, you can do so in my workshop. 

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Exhibition in the Galerie Schloss Weinberg

From mid-March to April 18, I will show 70 works - 49 of them as large fine art prints - in the Galerie Schloss Weinberg, which were created in the last three years around various photo workshops. The spectrum ranges from landscapes, shots in natural surroundings, studio shots of minerals/rock specimens to microscopic specimens that were cut and colored before being photographed.

Many of the images were stacked, i.e. the subject was photographed in several layers. These layers (the stack) are then processed into a single image using special software. If such stacks are arranged next to each other (the stacks must overlap on all sides), this is called a panorama. The corresponding technique is called stitching. Panoramas can be single or multi-row. The image with the most stacks in this exhibition is the rush (Juncus), which consists of 29 stacks and a total of 3400 individual images.

However, stacking can be done not only in the studio, but certainly outdoor (as shown by the images of the damselfly), if you know the behavior of the animals and use the right technique.

Landscape shots literally "cry out" for the panorama technique. For the shot of the Dachstein, 14 images were computed into one, the shot of the Styrian Bodensee consists of 36 images.

The prints themselves and the mounting were done at the Fotografie Zentrum Weinberg.

Visits are currently only possible by appointment.

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Since summer several new pictures of minerals and fossils let my collection grow. I am fascinated by their beauty.