First workshops are fixed for 2017. In addition to well-established workshop on histogram or handling of light the set-up for "nature photography" was slightly modified. August was changed to May and we are going to explore a new location "Ennstal". Ennstal is well-known for its meadows with Iris sibirica and poet's daffodil.  Well-constructed streets provide easy access to alpine areas.

Cover MikroMore then five years the work on our fifth book - Mikrofotografie (Micro Photography) - as acompanied our lives. Finally its in our hands now but it still does not feel real.

As you can imagine from the title, the book covers micro photography but also techniques to prepare samples, how to adapt cameras to microscopes and last but not least the digital workflow.

All startet at the Photoadventure 2011 where we met the representative of our editor and had a long discussion on current and planed projects. A draft concept for the book was easily written down but we did not expect to be that much occupied in the following years. Interim results and special topcis were published in the Mikrokosmos journal.

Have fun when reading the book but - even more important - enjoy exploring the world of "micro". 

Taxus baccataToday a few pictures which are published in our new book. 

Cover MikroOnly a few days ahead and our new book on Mikrofotografie (Micro Photography) will be available. We are looking forward to this event. 

Feldaist Naturfotografie

The training program for 2016 is complete. This time it contains of 6 workshops. For the first time there will be a workshop on nature photography in spring. Having its focus on the new green and spring flowers. Details for this an all the other workshops you find at events.

pa logo wienSince a few days the programm of the Photoadventure 2015 is online. Come and visit us at our booth (B 36) or at one of the two lectures or at the workshop "macro photography". Find more details here.

SchlitzschneckeThe first events for 2016 are available. As a minimum there will be 3 workshops, their topics: nature photgraphy with focus on water, histogram and handling of light and finally light and its challenges for photographers.