About me

Born in 1963 I am fascinated by photography since my early days; I started with analog photography and for many years I used 135 mm, medium and large format cameras up to 8 x 10 "; in 2003 I replaced my 135 mm and medium format cameras by a digital camera (Canon); and finally in 2008 large format was replaced by a digital Hasselblad.

I graduated from Prager Fotoschule and my theses ended up in my first book "Der digitale Workflow in der Naturfotografie" (Digital Workflow in Nature Photography). One year later it was followed by "Fine Art Printing" and only the third book covered the topic that I originally had chosen for my theses "Komposition und Bildwirkung in der Fotografie" (Composition and Effects, two factors to improve your pictures). But at the time of my theses I had so many questions on digital photography for which it was not easy to find answers that decided to work on the workflow frist. In 2010 the 4. book was published: "Digitale Naturfotografie" (Digital Nature Photography). My partner, Beate, is co-author of all the books and supports me in many other aspects of photography.

The 4. books covers my real passion: Nature Photography. I am fascinated by all aspects of nature, from the smallest (micro) to the largest. Only with respect to the locations I am specialised, Europe is my favorite region.

I still have a dark room, dedicated to black and white only and I am happy to have a little studio, too. For Fine Art Prints I am using special fine art papers from Hahnemuehle (e. g. William Turner or Pearl).

In 1988 I was one of 6 nature fotografers that founded the Tier- und Naturfotografie Österreich (Austrian Association for Animal and Nature Photography).

In 2010 I opend a new chapter in my photographic work: Photomicrography in all its plurality (with respect to photographic as well as preparation techniques). All this work lead to our finfth book called "Mikrofotografie".

In autumn 2020 I was elected as vice-president of the Mikroskopische Gesellschaft Wien. In the 2021 General Assembly, I was elected president.

It is very important to me to pass on my knowledge and to learn from others. Therefore, I have been offering workshops on various photographic topics for many years. The topics offered reflect my current focus and interests.

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