Even though the weather forecast for the second weekend in May had predicted only very very bad weather throughout Austria, some people were not deterred by this and came to the VTNOE regional come-together Muehlviertel/Upper Austria. Here are a few impressions and no - they are not rain pictures!




Extreme macro photography opens the view into a fascinating world. The possibilities of digital photography have simplified the subject in essential aspects. Nevertheless, a stable workplace is still an essential criterion, Mitutoyo lenses are particularly well suited. More about this topic has been published in an article for the VTNÖ magazine in spring 2023.




Together with Sylvia Buchta I am working on a three-part article on cutting wood. All three parts will appear in the newsletter of the Microscopic Society Vienna (Mikroskopischen Gesellschaft Wien).

Part 1: Schneiden von Holz
Part 2: Mikroskopische Präparate von Nadelholz

The third part will deal with hardwoods.




Just in time for this year's Photoadventure, we were able to fix the key dates for our next year's most important workshops. There are new and established things. For those interested in diving deeper into a topic, there is the possibility of individual or group coaching.




A look at the results of this year's work has shown that I am particularly fond of the panorama format. It was therefore almost inevitable that the 2023 edition would feature Austrian landscapes in panorama format. We are also currently working on an article dedicated to this topic.



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Now there are only a few days until the Photoadventure on 12. and 13.11.2022 in the Pyramid in Vösendorf will take place.

Our two seminars can already be booked:

And there is a folder with program highlights of the event.

We present new works in the exhibition "A look into nature". On the one hand, there will be panoramas or details of typical Austrian landscapes (e.g. the Dachstein massif, Mühlviertel, Wildalpen) and on the other hand tiny details taken through a microscope (e.g. various motifs of mountain pine (needle, wood)).


Recently I gave a presentation (online) on extreme macrophotographyat the "Mikroskopischen Gesellschaft Wien". Here you can find the presentation (only available in German).