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Exhibition in the Galerie Schloss Weinberg

From mid-March to April 18, I will show 70 works - 49 of them as large fine art prints - in the Galerie Schloss Weinberg, which were created in the last three years around various photo workshops. The spectrum ranges from landscapes, shots in natural surroundings, studio shots of minerals/rock specimens to microscopic specimens that were cut and colored before being photographed.

Many of the images were stacked, i.e. the subject was photographed in several layers. These layers (the stack) are then processed into a single image using special software. If such stacks are arranged next to each other (the stacks must overlap on all sides), this is called a panorama. The corresponding technique is called stitching. Panoramas can be single or multi-row. The image with the most stacks in this exhibition is the rush (Juncus), which consists of 29 stacks and a total of 3400 individual images.

However, stacking can be done not only in the studio, but certainly outdoor (as shown by the images of the damselfly), if you know the behavior of the animals and use the right technique.

Landscape shots literally "cry out" for the panorama technique. For the shot of the Dachstein, 14 images were computed into one, the shot of the Styrian Bodensee consists of 36 images.

The prints themselves and the mounting were done at the Fotografie Zentrum Weinberg.

Visits are currently only possible by appointment.

Riesenmammut klein

Since summer several new pictures of minerals and fossils let my collection grow. I am fascinated by their beauty. 

Riesenmammut klein

When is colour more appreciated then at cloudy days in November. This 0,35 μ transection of a needle of black pine (Pinus nigra) was dyed with Etzold green and a splash of acridine red. Eukitt UV was used and the picture was taken with x-polarized light. Objective: UPlanFL 10x PO. The final image consists of two stacks with 150 layers each.

Riesenmammut klein

We are optimistic for 2021 and have planned our workshops and lectures already. The one or other update might be needed but the basic information can be found in the overall programme.

I will also continue my 1 : 1 support covering the following topics:

  • Ajustment of the personal camera equipment to the owner's need
  • Set-up of the digital workflow (from taking the picture until fine art printing), depending on the photographer's need or equipment
  • Photography via the microscope (especially valuable for personen who just started or who want to extend their current equipment)
  • Preparation of material for photography via the microscope

 Additional topics upon request.

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This week the results of the Nikon Small World competition 2020 were announced. It was the first time that I participated in the competition and I am very happy that one of my pictures was selected as "Honorable Mentions". It's the root section of Viola odorata. Congratulations to the other participants.

The Nikon Small World competition is now in its 46th year! Browsing the galleries of phantastic pictures is always of great inspiration for my own work. 


Due to Corona, I limited my regular outdoor activities to public parks arount our apartment in the 8th district Vienna (1 km diameter). There are several parks and in one of them I found specimens of sweet violet (Viola odorata).

I was specially interested in the root. The root was cut with a Jung HN-40 microtom using disposable blades. Stained with Wacker W3A, mounted with Eukitt.

Technical details:
Olympus BX-60
UAPO 10 oil
17 stacks used for the panorama.

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The next Photoadventure is schedules for November 13th and 14th, 2021. The venue, the Pyramide in Voesendorf, remains the same. As of now we offer two lectures:

  • Warum Makrofotos so oft misslingen (why macrofotos fail so often)
  • Bildwirkung in der Fotografie (the message of an image)

Most recent works with focus on micro- and macrophotography are presented in the exhibition section of the event.

You find more under events

Chrysolina fastuosa Thorax 1 klein

Today I hold a two hours lecture on "autofluorescence of plants" for member of the German Mikroskopie Forum. The focus was  - what else could it be - on photography and their challanges. The presentation can be found here.