Spring Natur Photography - Gemeinde Wildalpen (2021)

Crossing fingers helped! The first photo workshop of this year took us to Wildalpen. The weather was cold and rainy, but we still experienced the tender green of spring. As you can see on this wonderful shot of the Brunnsee.

Naturfotografie im Fruehling
WS 2021 Brunnsee
 WS 2021 Saubermacher
WS 2021 Brunnsee II
No more annoying branch!
WS 2021 Fotografen und Brunnsee
Quickly set up the camera, otherwise the reflection is gone.
WS 2021 Unterricht
What is he talking about?
WS 2021 Salza
WS 2021 In Aktion
"I wonder if it's working."