c messer-mit-abziehhuelse_fuer-webThe second part of our little series about preparation of microtome knives has been published in Mikrokosmos 101, issue 5/2012. It covers the production of pull-off sleeves and leather strops and describes the final tuning of a microtome knife.

bockkaeferThe early bird catches the fly. The dates for the 3 workshops 2013 are already fixed. Again, the Prager Fotoschule Österreich will be the host.

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We are happy to take part at the first Photoadventure in Linz (November 11 & 12, 2012). Gerhard offers 3 seminars where you can learn how he works, but there will be also the possibility to talk to us directly.

abziehhuelsenToday the first article about microtome knives was published in Mikrokosmos 101, issue 4/2012. Two additional articles will follow. This article covers basic information about the different types of knives, sharpening and proof of quality.

thumb holzbiene portrait introThe head of a carpenter bee was taken in the studio. The image consists of 3 single pictures, each of them was generated from a stack of about 130 single shots. Taken with a Leitz Photar 50 on a bellows.

01 hornviper_webToday a new galery on "horned vipers" went online. Horned vipers are among the most poisonous snakes of Europe. The pictures were taken in Bulgaria recently. The snake - a male - was captured in a private home. We took a few pictures and brought him back into nature to a safe place, far away from the next house. This relocation saved its live. 

We strongly recommend not to handle poisonous snakes if you have no experience!!! 

thumb goldaubenbremseEventually, mid of May, our website in the new design went online. The most important content is available, however, we are preparing some more in the near future.