Chrysolina fastuosa Thorax 1 klein

This week the results of the Nikon Small World competition 2020 were announced. It was the first time that I participated in the competition and I am very happy that one of my pictures was selected as "Honorable Mentions". It's the root section of Viola odorata. Congratulations to the other participants.

The Nikon Small World competition is now in its 46th year! Browsing the galleries of phantastic pictures is always of great inspiration for my own work. 


Due to Corona, I limited my regular outdoor activities to public parks arount our apartment in the 8th district Vienna (1 km diameter). There are several parks and in one of them I found specimens of sweet violet (Viola odorata).

I was specially interested in the root. The root was cut with a Jung HN-40 microtom using disposable blades. Stained with Wacker W3A, mounted with Eukitt.

Technical details:
Olympus BX-60
UAPO 10 oil
17 stacks used for the panorama.