Summer workshop 2020 of the MGW

From 31.07. - 03.08.2020 the summer workshop of the Mikroskopischen Gesellschaft Wien (MGW) took place. Not only MGW members but also guests (among others from Germany and Switzerland) met at SchloƟ Weinberg (Upper Austria). Beside excursions various preparation techniques were demonstrated and participants presented their working methods as well as some of their main focus topics. The days were also used for intens discussions and exchange of ideas.

Thanks to Thilo Bauer for documenting the event with his camera!

PA18 01


PA18 02
IMG 0081
At the microtom
IMG 0021
How microscope and computer cooperate
 IMG 0019
How microscope and computer cooperate
 IMG 0029
Comfortable working with the screen of the camera
IMG 0056

Cup-marked stones are a speciality of the forst quarter (Waldviertel) (Lower Austria). Those deepenings
are filled with rainwater. Such small water bodies accomodate some very typical algae species.
This year no aglaes could be found. Very disappointing.

IMG 0062
What will be found?
 IMG 0059
But, even with considerable efforts, no results.
 IMG 0061
And what can be found in a dry moss cushion?
IMG 0062
At least a small sample will be taken home.