Ennstal and Ausseerland

Nature photography week 2017, located at the river Enns and in the countryside around Bad Aussee. This area is wellknown for beautiful landscapes as well as botanical highlights such as iris, narcissus or lady's slipper. 

WS2017 DSC3404 DxO 900Pixel

Grundlsee and the village of Grundlsee in the back


WS2017 DSC3065 DxO 900Pixel
Schiederweiher with Spitzmauer and Brotfall
WS2017 DSC3705 DxO 900Pixel
 Gamskarspitze vom Hüttensee aus
WS2017 DSC3707 DxO 900Pixel
Morning mist
 WS2017 DSC4195 DxO 900Pixel
Multereck and Grimming
 WS2017 DSC3364 DxO 900Pixel
 WS2017 DSC3346 DxO 900Pixel