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The Photoadventure team is optimistic. The next Photoadventure will take place 12 to 13 November 2022 at the Pyramide in Vösendorf/Vienna. We are also optimistic and - as things stand at the moment - are taking part with two seminars:

  • Warum Makrofotos so oft misslingen (why macro photos fail so often)
  • Komposition und Bildwirkung in der Fotografie (the message of an image)

In addition, we are showing new works in the exhibition "Ein Blick in die Natur". On the one hand, there will be panoramas or details of typical Austrian landscapes (e.g. the Dachstein massif, Mühlviertel, Wildalpen) and on the other hand tiny details taken through a microscope (e.g. various motifs of mountain pine (needle, wood)).