Macro- and Microphotography Summer 2022

This year's August again, a few enthusiasts of macro and micro photography came together to devote themselves to their hobby. The intensive exchange of experiences and opinions is particularly appreciated. One of this year's special topics: working with PEG (polyethylene glycol), a challenging material that offers plenty of opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them.

Naturfotografie im Fruehling
WS 2021 Brunnsee
 WS 2021 Saubermacher
PEG Workplace
WS 2021 Brunnsee II
 PEG cutting
WS 2022 Qualitaetskontrolle
quality check
WS 2022 Teilnehmer1
WS 2022 Teilnehmer2
WS 2022 Teilnehmer3
WS 2022 Teilnehmer4
WS 2022 Arbeitsraum
 WS 2022 Monitore
To have two screens is very helpful.
WS 2022 Steinpicker
Shell of Helicigona lapicida. The land snail is regularly found on the wall of the castle in wet weather.