This section should provide you with an idea on what you can expect at a workshop or what equipment is used or where you can meet us.

Summer workshop 2020 of the MGW

From 31.07. - 03.08.2020 the summer workshop of the Mikroskopischen Gesellschaft Wien (MGW) took place. Not only MGW members but also guests (among others from Germany and Switzerland) met at SchloƟ Weinberg (Upper Austria). Beside excursions various preparation techniques were demonstrated and participants presented their working methods as well as some of their main focus topics. The days were also used for intens discussions and exchange of ideas.

Thanks to Thilo Bauer for documenting the event with his camera!

PA18 01

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Preparation of timber and conifer needles

Everybody working with a microscope has a very individual style. The following pictures taken at different workshops are a good illustration.

PA18 01

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Macro- and Microphotography Summer 2019

Since many years Schloss Weinberg is hosting Gerhard Zimmert, who offers workshops dedicated to varies aspects of macro- and microphotography. The castle was founded on a solid rock and is situated far away from traffic. In this respect the castle is a perfect place for working with microscopes and macro lenses as vibrations are the biggest problem in this field of photoraphy.

Soak Mikrofotografie 2019

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Photoadventure 2018

This was the Photoadventure 2018. Those two days were - as always - very intense. For the first time we presented our new project "Conifer needles in cross section" to a broader audience. The feedback was very positive and motivating to continue with the new topic. The FineArt prints were done by Sepp. Thanks for your effort to meet our narrow timeframe. 

PA18 01

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Summer Workshops 2018

We are often asked about the technical equipment that is needed to take pictures of the micro world. Here are some examples, but - as always - technical equipment is not the only ingredient to be successful.

Aufbau 01 2018

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Ennstal and Ausseerland

Nature photography week 2017, located at the river Enns and in the countryside around Bad Aussee. This area is wellknown for beautiful landscapes as well as botanical highlights such as iris, narcissus or lady's slipper. 

WS2017 DSC3404 DxO 900Pixel

Grundlsee and the village of Grundlsee in the back

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Photoadventure 2017

On Sunday this year's Photo + Adventure 2017 closed its doors. We faced two intensive days with a lot of very interesting and inspiring discussions.  Many participants from former workshops visited us or attended one of our two workshops. For the first time we presented fine art prints and a hand-made box. Thanks to Sepp the box was ready on time. 

PA17 001

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Photoadventure 2016

Looking back to this year's photoadventure in Linz we have to say that we enjoyed the weekend. Meeting a lot of former workshop participants and learning about their new projects is always a great pleasure. Also it's a great opportunity to see recent cameras and products.

PA16 01

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Nature photography May 2016

For the first time we orgainzed a nature photography workshop in May. The young green and early flowers should be in the focus. However, 2016 was - with respect to the whether a real challenge. As a consequence we had to be very flexible to make the best out of the situation. Thanks to Anna and Hans for the pictures. 

Mai 2016 1

(c) Hans G.

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Focus Stacking February 2016

The first workshop of 2016 focused on focus stacking. As you can see from the pictures a lot of technical equipment is needed. Thanks to Sylvia for taking these pictures.

Feb2016 1

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